Marcel Hauri


Assign predefined shipping method to a customer

In the current Magento 2 project, the request consists of assigning a predefined shipping method to a customer. If you are new to the Magento 2 development, you should read Magento's developer guide. I'll only explain the files in which the business logic is happening and not a complete ov…

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HipChat and Slack Magento Extension

You want to get informed when a customer creates an account, buys a product or a bad guy tries to breach into your Magento admin login in real time, and all this in your preferred Team communication tool like HipChat or Slack,? Then I have something for you. For HipChat and for Slack I wro…

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generate-modman - a shell script to generate modman files for your extensions

Nearly every day working with extensions, creating a new or extend an existing, it happens that I forget to update the modman file. This is maybe the reason why I wrote a modman generation script, so I do not longer have to take care about adding all the files or directories manually witho…

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